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Anyang Public Art Project 2007
  Produeced a new open-air sculpture "Hello, Anyang with Love." 2007
Pyeonghwa Park, Anyang, Korea Photo
Yayoi Kusama
Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art. Japan
Yayoi Kusama
Victoria Miro, London Photo
Dots Obsession - Soul of Pumpkin  
HARBOUR CITY, Hong Kong, China Photo
Beautiful New World: Contemporary Visual Culture from Japan  
Long March Project, "798" Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, China Photo
the City of Beverly Hills’ public art collection
  Produeced a new open-air sculpture "Hymn of Life: Tulips" 2007

" Hollywood , which I have dreamed of since early childhood.
After so many years what a miracle !
Now illusive tulips I have created come into blossom in Beverly Hills.
My mind watching the flowers.
I love myself who feel affection for graceful flowers.
I love tulips even more.
Everybody comes here to sing from the heart.
Let's sing in a loud voice beyond the universe.
Enjoy a haze of tulip petals.
Keep on being in bloom forever until the end of this world.
Tulips survive until the end of eternity !"
Beverly Gardens Park, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Photo
Yayoi Kusama   Dots Obsession
WIELS, Brussel, Belgium Photo
Hills Cafe/Space Project    YAYOI KUSAMA presents "A polka dots cafe in universe"
   As special collaboration between Yayoi Kusama and Roppongi Hills, a cafe covered with polka dots opens for only a limited period of time. Enjoy original desserts as well as lunch plates.
Films which haven't been released in Japan as well as fashion photos from the 1960s can be seen in the cafe.
A shop dealing with art works and museum goods is also put right next to the cafe. New arrival goods ; straps for a mobile phone and key rings are also on sale.
"I wish to cover everything in the cafe with pink dots. In space painted in pink, polka dots that is infinity love filled everybody's heart with joy.
In universe the moon and the sun are a part of dots. The mother earth as well as billions of stars are put under a pink spell to turn to pink.
Self Obliteration with dots, I call it 'Kusama's Self Obliteration.'"
Hills Cafe/Space, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Photo
Snoopy LIFE DESIGN Happinessmis THE 55th ANNIVERSARY
   Kusama’s “Dots Obsession”, “Food Obsession” and “Nets Obsession” have been transformed into three Snoopy figures. The Snoopies covered with the symbol of love, “Dots”, are a must see.
Dots Obsession
Dots, as the symbol of love, are kept protectively in the hearts of the Snoopies. But when the Snoopies are happy or sad, their whole body becomes wrapped up in dots, and in the “color of love”. The red-colored brightness of youth, the color of the blood, touches the viewers’ hearts with deep emotion. Snoopy, you are always with dots. Now you know “what love is about”, don’t you?
Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul, Korea
Custom Jackets for a mobile phone are now on sale. 
   2 kinds of custom jackets for NTT docomo [ P901i ] designed by Yayoi Kusama. Each design comes out in 3 colors.
Produced by Panasonic Mobile Communications
ReMOLDe Leaflet Link
Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era  
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia

[Congrats. !! the 10th anniversary , 3 hour special !! TAKESHI festival]

Broadcast on TV Tokyo at 20:00-22:54. ( A broadcasting date depends on regions.)
Ms.Kusama obliterates Takeshi Kitano by her dots obsession performance !Don't miss Grinder-man as well.Photo
"Guidepost to the New Space" is displayed outdoors simultaneously with Festival , 12th FINA World Championships Melbourne 2007.
Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, Australia Photo
YAYOI KUSAMA "Dots Obsession - Dots Transformed into Love"  
Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany Photo
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