* yayoi kusama

YAYOI KUSAMA Artwork registration
/ registration card system

Artworks YAYOI KUSAMA and the YAYOI KUSAMA STUDIO approved for her original works could be registered on the studio's data file. with a charge.
A registration card* is issued after the registration.

Owners of artworks with registration number can inquire of the studio about their artworks free of charge.

For information about a registration , a reference to artworks and so on apply to the studio.

*1 : we do not reissue registration card.
*2 : A registration card doesn't function as a written statement of expert opinion.


!The right to use images of YAYOI KUSAMA Artwork
YAYOI KUSAMA provides users with rules of copyright.
Those who want to use images need to make inquiries at the studio in advance.

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