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Registration of Yayoi Kusama Works

Yayoi Kusama Inc. has modified its registration fee and redesigned its registration card.
In recent years, we have identified forged registration cards, as well as forged Yayoi Kusama works that appear to be fabricated using information indicated on the registration cards. This card redesign is intended to prevent forgery of registration cards through technical improvements as well as preventing fabrication of forged Yayoi Kusama works using the registration cards by changing the work-related information on the redesigned cards.

We ask for your thorough understanding of the Yayoi Kusama work registration system when using the registration and inquiry services for registered works. Please be sure to read the following overview of the system before submitting any applications. Please also note that applicants for the registration system are limited to actual owners of Yayoi Kusama works and agents of owners who have been duly appointed in writing with appropriate authority to act on behalf of the owners for this purpose.

We do not confirm multiple pieces which are not for registration such as edition works (including prints), products, novelties, etc.

For registration inquiries, please contact registration@yayoi-kusama.jp with your information(name, postal address and telephone number). Then we will inform you all details about registration procedure.

- Overview of Yayoi Kusama Work Registration System -

This registration system is intended to record those that we have recognized as being Yayoi Kusama works, and enable the authenticity of such works to be verified. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding that registration itself does not guarantee or ensure any information relating to the works, including their market value, materials used or years of production, even if such information is contained in the registration information or indicated on the registration card.

Please note that the redesigned registration card contains the registration number and title of the work (in Japanese and English) for the purpose of identifying the works, and does not contain any other pieces of information, including those to be contained in the list of registered works.

The registration card indicates the work identified by the registration number and the title of the work as registered in the system, as of the date of issuance of the registration card, in the list of registered works prepared and managed by Yayoi Kusama Inc. The registration card does not function as a certificate evidencing the value of the work.

Although the list of registered works includes information on the size of each work, title indicated on the work, year, materials and techniques used, and other information indicated on the work, we may modify such information in the list as may be necessary from time to time.

Also, please note that the information we obtain (images and details) at the time of registration of each work may be used for publication or other purposes in the future as work-related information.

We accept inquiries about any registered works. For registration inquiries, please contact registration@yayoi-kusama.jp with images of the work (overall images of the work as well as details of the signature, title and year) and the registration number. Inquiries may be made free of charge.

Registration inquiry is a service that verifies the identity of the character of the image of the work and its registration number you send us with those on our work registration record. Since we do not review the work itself, this is not a service to authenticate the authenticity of the work in question. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damages incurred by the inquirer or his/her counterparty due to misunderstanding that the result of the inquiry is our certification of authenticity or equivalent.

At the time of registration and inquiry, we will record the address, name and telephone number of the contacting person together with the work-related information, but such information will not be disclosed to any third party without good reason.

* Privacy policy

Please always store the registration card with the relevant work.

You may continue to use the old registration card for inquiries. Also, if you wish to receive a new card, please return your current card to us, in which case applicable administrative and shipping fees will be charged.

If any registration card (old or new) is missing, please contact us by e-mail. A separate reissuance fee will be charged.

26 December 2019


!The right to use images of YAYOI KUSAMA Artwork
YAYOI KUSAMA provides users with rules of copyright.
Those who want to use images need to make inquiries at the studio in advance.